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What age groups can attend the BSSR?

For next year (2014-15) there are 11 class levels from 3 yrs to 14yrs (Pre-K to 8th Grade). 

Why is the BSSR a nonprofit school?

Our school is not managed as a commercial enterprise and invests very little in marketing and “frills”. Our leading edge is first class pedagogy,  small classes and innovative technology.

Is the BSSR reserved to HP (high potential or "gifted") children?

No. Our programs are ambitious and we require children to participate and work hard. Any normally gifted and curious child can take part. Moreover, we cannot accept HP children who need special care because of their behaviour or attitude towards school. We avoid the use of HP tags and even if a child has been identified as such, he/she is expected to fit in with the others without special attention.


Timetables and holidays

Our holidays coincide with the official vaudois school holidays, except for an extra week at Christmas. Please find the timetables and holidays HERE.

Can I drop my children off before 8 a.m.?

No. The school opens at 8 a.m.

What activities are offered after school?

They change every year and the program is available one week after the beginning of the school year. A sufficient number of children must sign up for a course to be organized. Private music lessons (piano, violin, flute, etc.) are also offered.

Do you offer activities during holidays?

At present, no.

Is there a school bus?

If there are a sufficient number of children for a particular route, this can be organized. Most children are dropped off at school by parents who often car-share or take public transportation.

Are meals offered at noon?

All the children eat lunch in the school cafeteria. The meals are prepared by a French cook and the food is fresh and varied. Thus the children learn to appreciate a variety of dishes. Moreover, snacks are provided during breaks.

Can I give my child a lunch box?

No, this is reserved for children with allergies who have a medical certificate. The meal supervision is charged in any case.

What are the rates and fees?

Please consult the list of rates HERE. These rates cover all charges. There will be no supplementary bills.

Do you give scholarships?

A few scholarships are granted each year, from 2P up. Please write directly to the Director explaining your situation and that of your child.


What is does bilingual teaching mean?

We believe that the acquisition of true bilingualism at school must be preceded by a period of active language learning without which some children may never learn to speak correctly. Studies have shown that children placed in a second language context without special attention to their speaking abilities can result in good passive knowledge of the language, but is often accompanied by deficient oral and writing skills. We have therefore developed an interactive language immersion program with singing, games and films that enables children under 10 years to become active speakers within 2 years.  They can then be put into the age-corresponding mother tongue classes.

What maths program do you offer?

We use Cuisenaire for the 2 years of kindergarten and the 1st primary. This program tackles the four basic operations at the same time, as well as fractions, and enables children to approach the world of mathematics directly.

From 2nd Primary on, we use the Singapore program, either in English or French. You can learn more about the Singapore Books we use (Standard edition, not US) HERE

What kind of early science program do you offer?

You can consult the program HERE. Our science teaching is based on progressive discovery. The facts learned during one school year are reintegrated into next year’s program, at a more complex level. Hands-on learning (observations under the microscope, practical experiments) is essential. The teaching material is in both English and French.

Last updated June 2014