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Educational partnership

Children are in a quandary when school and family disagree. In some cases the child might even be tempted to play one out against the other. For the proper education and the balance of the child, he needs to know that school and family agree on the same basic aims and rules, and that they talk to each other frankly when there is a problem, and work with him to find a solution.

Information to parents

We are persuaded that parents have the right – and the desire! – to know and see what is going on in class. You will get the teaching programme of the year for each subject at the beginning of the school year. Your child will regularily come home with his work (every Friday for Math and Language Arts). Three times a year you will get a detailed evaluation of your child's schoolwork. Thus you will understand how we work, what our methods are, and how we reach our aims. The school will answer all the questions you may have.

Behaviour of pupils

In order to reach an excellent school standard, we need all pupils to behave well (politeness, respect and self-control). We are aware of the fact that this is not always easy to obtain when video-games and the media present violence and selfishness as they were normal. We ask all parents to collaborate closely with their child and with the school to allow all pupils to learn and play in a peaceful, achievement oriented environment.