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The Bilingual School opens at 8:00 am, classes start at 8:30. During the morning, from 8.30 to 13.30, children have three  60 min-classes (the fundamentum): English (second language  or mother-tongue level), French (second language  or mother-tongue level), Maths (Singapore method - in English or French, by individual levels). There is a mother-tongue teacher for each course. In addition, 1-2nd primaries  have a 30 min. time solely devoted to to the development of joint  hand-writing and 30 mn. for Film in the second language. By the third primary, these periods are taken up by German, Latin, philosophy and the Ciné-Club in the second language. They have a 30 minute break time (with a snack of various fruits) and another break  for lunch (salad bar, hot meal, dessert).

After a second break of 30 minutes (with a snack of cookies or simple pastries) classes resume at 2:00 pm, either for sport and art (2 afternoons), or for (bilingual)  human and natural science classes (2 afternoons). On Wednesday, there is an hour devoted to music theory and choir (bilingual). The school is finished at 3 :45 pm (or 4 :00 pm when they have sports outside). Children must be picked up at 4:15 p.m. at the latest, unless they stay for the After School Activities.

More information on the After School Activities