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Individualised Follow-up

Children come to school with very diverse competences and knowledge. This usually has little to do with their real level of ability, but rather depends upon the kindergarden they were in or the interests of their parents. Some are wonderful artists but can’t read yet; others are very advanced in math but find it difficult to write. Our choice to organise an individualised program in the fundamentum (reading, writing, arithmetics) allows to take their skills into account; we avoid the stress of pointless comparisons, but rather stimulate them individually: this helps them to reach the quarterly targets.

Social and Personal Development

Children learn to cooperate. They develop a sound grasp of the principles of ethical reasoning (Philosophy for children). They develop a sense of justice, they are honest and fair with their fellows and teachers. They show sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. They are open-minded, they show tolerance towards the values and traditions of other individuals and cultures. They are accustomed to seeking and considering a range of points of view. They develop a sense of responsability towards the environment.  They learn to lead a healthy life.


We assess students’ work with care. Their progress in the fundamentum (reading, writing and arithmetics) is monitored regularily. Three times a year, your get a detailed evaluation of their behaviour and work-habits as well as the point they have reached in the fundamentum. You are welcome to come to class after school and to see their work anytime. If a child is not making good academic progress you will be warned rapidly.