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Welcome to the Bilingual School !

 Welcome to the website of the BSSR !

Our school aims to offer a space where each child can fully develop his/her curiosity and be stimulated in all his/her fields of interest. We seek to allow each child build his/her own personality and self-esteem, while learning to function harmoniously in a group and to respect the environment.

Our innovative curriculum combines a wide spectrum of learning objectives to form a truly humanist approach to education. Our teaching strategies draw on the traditional past as well as modern educational theory.

The subjects cover all disciplines: mathematics, natural and human sciences, philosophy, languages (modern and ancient), arts, music and sports.

 Innovative teaching techniques (daily use of internet, interactive white boards, etc.) are used in the classrooms. We keep our classes small so that each child’s individual progress can be monitored in each field.

This strategy begins very early, so that our pupils rapidly reach a high level of knowledge and competence. They also learn to work independently.

Our school is bilingual, as its name indicates. Our unique interactive immersion program allows children to acquire a second language quite rapidly: after two years of practice, our regular pupils reach a level in the second language that corresponds to normal fluency for their age group.

Our school is secular and coeducational. Children may attend from kindergarten up. The school will accompany its pupils to either the Maturité Fédérale or the International Baccalaureate.

If you are looking for a no-frill school that offers a high level of academic achievement and  encourages the pleasure of learning, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with further information.


Tina Roessler

Founder and Director



Calendar and General Timetable

You will find the yearly calendar and the general timetable HERE

Visiting the school

We would be happy to welcome you for a visit, ideally between 9 :00am and 11:00am, but other times are also possible.

During the visit, we will explain to you how the immersion system works and show you the school material as well as the classes. You will also be able to see our results for yourself and ask any questions you might have.

Please make an appointment by writing to: direction[at]